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Dublin now and then


July 2014

These two mixed media pieces are based on similar incidents which occurred to two different people in two different places and time across Dublin.



John Philips

Life magazine photographer, 1937



“On my landing at Dun Laoghaire, a begger came up and asked me, 'Can y' spare me a copper, your honor?' with such panache that I gave him one. By the fifthe begger, 'His honor' was out of coins. When I tried to explain, he eyed me coldly. 'May ye roast in hell, y' Protestant bastard!' he spat.”



Page 14, It happened in our life time, John Philips, 1985



Stephen Maguire,

resident in Stoneybatter, 2012



“I was going to collect my dale. As I was in line, I over heard a man pleading for dosh. As I left, he pursued me for some change. I responded saying 'I'm sorry, I don't have any'. He then followed me to my bike consistently pursued me for change. I responded in same manner. Then as I got to my bike, he put his hand on my shoulder, 'Here pal, you're gonna have bad luck for the rest of your life'.”



Interview with Stephen Maguire, 2012


Media: cardboard, wood, Northside People, Southside People, tea, coffee, watercolour, pen



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