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Emotihome at Kfest 2014

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Home of 2085 emotions


June Bank Holiday Weekend 2014


I was invited to Kfest; Music and the Arts Festival in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, but I chose to go as an art collective to do something bigger and more fun.

We spray painted 2085 circles, which represent the population of Killorglin, all over the wall of a disused premise which was given to us by Kfest. Then during the festival period, we offered pens and crayons for all the visitors to draw a face in the circles as well as we draw some faces ourselves. By the end of the festival, all the circles were filled with unique drawings by kids and adults.


See more about Kfest at


Apologies for some bad quality photos. I forgot to bring my own camera and reluctantly used a disposable camera. All the good quality photos were taken by Fearghal MacPháidín 

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